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Romanian theatre upgrades to d&b T-Series

d&b audiotecknik's T-Series of loudspeakers has been installed in the auditorium section of the Timisoara National Theatre as part of an overhaul of the previous sound system.

Situated in western Romania’s largest city, the Timisoara National Theatre first opened its doors at the height of the Belle Époque in 1875.

More recent times have seen the 600-seat auditorium the subject of a sound system upgrade using d&b audiotechnik’s T-Series system.

Romanian integrator dB Technolight was enlisted to provide support for the new audio solution, which needed to satisfy the sound requirements for performances ranging from classical theatre and musical drama, to children’s theatre and more challenging contemporary works. Deep and steep balconies that decreased SPLs and intelligibility were also among the obstacles the new audio system had to overcome.

Following EASE modeling, The T-Series was selected over the more simple option of a left/right system as it could deliver the required coverage in terms of frequency range across almost 95% of the audience. The d&b E-Series was chosen for the remaining 5%, offering small cabinets with wide dispersion patterns to fill the gaps.

The system was fitted in one day, and features the Ti-series loudspeakers on both the left and right of the auditorium complemented by flown T-SUBS, delivering an average 105-107dB SPL covering the full range. Furthermore, a d&b R70 Ethernet to CAN interface and a WiFi router allows for independent cable free connection.