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Robe moving lights installed at major Glasgow nightclub

Low ceiling height in the venue – which incorporates two main rooms and a VIP bar – led O’Neill to choose from the smaller Robe Scan 575 XT and ColorSpot 250 AT ranges. In Room 1, he opted for six 575 XTs and an equal number of 250 ATs, controlled by a Robe DMX 1024. Room 2, meanwhile, features the smaller Robe ClubSpot 150 CT, four ClubScan 250 CTs and four ClubRoller 250 CTs, along with three DMX Control 24 Pros encased in a custom panel.

Assessing the new Club range, O’Neill observed that “it’s basically an upgraded version of Robe’s original XT range, which was also excellent. It is our preferred range for low-ceilinged environments that require an extra punch.”

The VIP room is also set to feature Robe fixtures, with a planned specification of four ClubSpot 160 CTs, four ClubScan 250 CTs and two DMX Control 24 Pros.