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Robe moving lights at Hakkasan superclub, Las Vegas

Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub is the biggest new-build project in US clubbing history, and Robe moving lights are right at the core of its stunning lighting design,

Hakkasan Las Vegas is a high-profile new 7,500sqm club and restaurant experience at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. It is intricately designed over five levels and hosts residencies by some of the most exciting and innovative DJs on the planet including Tiësto, Calvin Harris Steve Aoki and deadmau5.

The result of a collaboration between international dining group Hakkasan and nightlife aficionados Angel Management Group (AMG), Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub is the biggest new-build project in US clubbing history. Robe moving lights are right at the core of its stunning lighting design, which has been created by Frank Murray of Ireland-based installation specialists Audiotek.

The brief for the lighting from the four very hands-on AMG principals, explains Murray, was simply to help create “the best electronic music and clubbing experience ever”. The very antithesis of ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, the idea was to ensure that every guest leaves Hakkasan with unrivalled sensory and visual memories permanently imprinted!

Murray and Audiotek’s project technical director Len Bolger worked with Audiotek programmer Andy Taylor on the lighting design for the club’s various different areas. The Robe equipment was delivered by Robe Inc. and installed by 4Wall and local electrical contractor Sun City Electrical.

Murray and Audiotek have known and used Robe products successfully for many years and so when it came to the essence of the specification, Robe was a natural choice.

The main room located on the fourth level – which hosts the international EDM DJs – features 16 300E Beams, six DLX LED Spots for dancefloor key lights and 12 of the fabulous new multifunctional Pointe fixture – all from Robe’s ROBIN range.

The DJ area is lit with eight 300E Beams and another four Pointes. All lighting – which includes other fixtures – is controlled from a Chamsys MagicQ MQ 300 Pro console.

In the Pavilion annexe to the main room there are 12 ROBIN 300E Beams and another four DLXs, while the balcony is illuminated by 18 ROBIN LEDBeam 100s which visually connect it to all the action happening in the room.

Four Anolis ArcSource 4 MCs fixtures illuminate the welcome stage just off the elevator.

The Ling Ling Club space is an open format destination and features another 16 of the tiny super-bright LEDBeam 100s, eight LEDWash 300s and eight more Pointes.

Outside, it is planned to uplight the impressive stone exterior façade with four ROBIN MiniMe digital effects lighting units – which will be the first of these to be installed in a club in the US.

“Just as Hakkasan Las Vegas is completely groundbreaking as an entertainment concept,” enthuses Murray, “so the lighting had to meet that ambitious goal of being spectacular, different and appropriate”. It had to deliver the ‘shock and awe’ effect that accompanies a truly unique immersive AV and lighting sensation and a serious A-list club adventure.
When lighting the venue it was essential that every area was part of the full-on awe-inspiring clubbing experience and that everyone everywhere felt bonded and in tune with the vibe throughout the whole space. “We use the Robe fixtures to emphasise the unity of the venue. Lighting elements drive the ambience and set the mood,” explained Murray.

His relationship with AMG dates back to the early days of EDM phenomena like Godskitchen, Code and Global Gathering. He has used Robe products in his work right from when the brand launched in 2002, and more recently, Audiotek has completed another large club installation – HQ in Atlantic City – also working alongside Robe Inc. and its club design specialist, David Chesal.

“We used large quantities of Robe ROBIN 300s and 600Es and Scan 575s at HQ and established a very strong and confident relationship with David, with Robe Inc. CEO Harry von den Stemmen and others in the company,” said Murray.

“After the commitment and support we received from Robe Inc. at HQ Nightclub at Revel in Atlantic City, there was absolutely no hesitation in specifying Robe’s latest products for Hakkasan and so Robe effectively became our ‘foundation’ brand for the different lighting rigs around the venue”.

He added:, “It has been an absolute pleasure in every way dealing with Robe Inc. – they are very special people. The products are very reliable and innovative – yes, and the support is second to none, but the icing on the cake is having top people with personality, attitude and the decency to build up a personal relationship with the clients. That’s the bottom line for us!”

He adds that Hakkasan is the “greatest” project that Audiotek has been involved with to date, and they are honoured to be part of the team that designed and delivered the full technical package – including video and a substantial Turbosound audio rig – to this amazing installation.

Picture: Drew Ressler for Rukes