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Robe mixes things up at St James

St James’s technical manager Craig Burridge designed and chose lighting, sound and AV equipment for the various venues. A single brand of moving light was used throughout and the fixtures were supplied via Robe South East Asia.

Burridge said: “The gear gets worked incredibly hard, and we have had virtually no problems at all with the Robes – they just keep on working.”

The five venues – Power House, Dragonfly, Boiler, Movida and Bellini Room – have their own individual identities.

Power House is a club that has live PAs and plays r’n’b, house and trance. The fixtures produce an eclectic mix of colour, beams and movement in the air, around the room and on to the floor. Four Robe ColorSpot 1200 ATs, six ColorSpot 575 ATs, five ColorWash 575 ATs, four ColorSpot 250 ATs, four Scan 1200 XTs and four Scan 575 XTs are used.

Dragonfly features Mandarin pop; Burridge positioned 12 Robe ColorSpot 575 ATs, six ColorWash 575 ATs, four LEDBlinder 196 LTs and over 100 PARs in the venue.

Boiler plays r’n’b and has a compact stage with five sections of trussing placed vertically on the floor at the back. Each truss features a Robe ColorSpot 575 AT, a LEDBlinder 148 LT, two 5K strobes and two PAR cans. The five columns are toned with LED PARs, which are controlled by a HOG 3PC, alongside another 40 LED PARs and four additional Robe ColorSpot 575 ATs. These are hung on the ladder beams above the dancefloor.

Movida features a blend of world music, with four each of the Robe ColorSpot 250 and 575s and four ColorWash 250 ATs, plus 22 ColorMix 150 ATs, 14 Spot and eight wash versions being used as fixtures.

Finally, Bellini Room is home to jazz, complete with a resident band. The intimate room is lit with four Robe LEDBlinder 148 LTs, eight ColorSpot and six ColorWash 250 ATs. There are also two Robe LEDWash 148 LTs and 26 Anolis ArcSource 3 RGBs downlighting the wall along one side of the room.

Robe South East Asia’s Louis Teo said: “Getting into St James has really put Robe on the map in terms of brand awareness and Singapore’s club world, especially with the success profile, acclaim and popularity of the new venture.

“It’s been a fantastic experience all round working with Craig and his team, with Dennis Foo and everyone involved in the project – they now have a world-class venue.”