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Robe embraces local history at Slovak Theatre

KVS’s Jarom_r Satinsk_ and Stanislav Senk_r from DV Centrum designed the lighting system and undertook all the technical engineering for the theatre’s upgrade. They consulted with the theatre’s lighting designer and operator, Zden_k Jand_k. Installation was undertaken by TS Technik from Brno.

“It’s the first time the theatre has had moving lights,” said Satinsk_. “It represents a real investment in technology and has transformed the way they have been able to work and produce shows.”

The zoom facility on the ColorWashes is invaluable for a theatre environment, which caters for anything from poetry and spoken word performance to full-on dance shows and classical drama productions.

“It’s amazing just how much creative scope just eight moving lights can bring to a venue like this,” he added. “It means we can also offer a properly professional design service to all those utilising the stage.”

The funding for the refurbishment was partly supported by a reciprocal Arts & Culture grant from Norway, and as part of this, they were keen to use local companies as suppliers.