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Revolabs products on display at ISE 2013

Revolabs will be showing its range of microphones and wireless conference phones at Amsterdam’s Integrated Systems Europe 2013 exhibition. Visit Stand 12-A92.

Revolabs will be showing its range of microphones and wireless conference phones at Amsterdam’s Integrated Systems Europe 2013 exhibition. Visit Stand 12-A92. Revolabs HD Wireless Microphone SystemsAt ISE 2013, Revolabs will highlight the latest addition to its Revolabs HD line of wireless microphone systems: the Executive HD MaxSecure. With the addition of the Executive HD MaxSecure and compatible microphones, Revolabs supports an encryption standard designed for compliance with the security encryption standards AES FIPS 197 and AES FIPS 140-2, established by the United States government and approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA) for applications requiring advanced privacy protection. In addition, Revolabs will demonstrate its enhanced Windows-based HD Control Panel, which brings the powerful monitoring and configuring tools found on the Executive HD to the entire HD line. With the HD Control Panel, users can monitor and control networked HD wireless microphone systems from a single PC software program with an intuitive graphical user interface. The HD Control Panel allows users to control the mute status and gain of each microphone, and to lock out presenters from using the mute button. The software also provides the ability to monitor each microphone closely for its real-time status, such as battery level. For video conferencing, the HD line’s Single/Dual Channel supports one or two HD wireless microphones, while the Executive HD supports up to eight microphones for executive boardrooms and large conference rooms. The Venue provides support for up to two wireless microphones, and offers a rack-mounted design. The HD systems can be mixed and matched with a variety of wireless microphones, including a lapel microphone worn by one person, an omnidirectional tabletop microphone that captures the sound of six to 10 participants, and a directional tabletop microphone that enables audio capture from two to three people. In addition, the systems can be used with the XLR adaptor for handheld microphones or gooseneck microphones and the Countryman microphone adaptor. Designed for conferencing installations requiring a powered audio solution, the versatile Revolabs Hybrid HD products bring all the advantages of wired and wireless solutions to the conference table. Constantly powered and located around the conference table, the wired Hybrid microphones and XLR adapters take the guesswork out of microphone placement, resulting in optimized audio pick up during meetings. For meetings where wireless operation is required, the microphones can easily be removed from the power source and placed where required around the table. All Revolabs wireless microphones are rechargeable — providing up to eight hours of talk time on a full charge — and feature field-replaceable batteries. In addition, RF Armor technology enables the microphones to operate even when in direct contact with other wireless electronic devices known to cause unwanted audio interference, such as GSM mobile phones and smartphones. Revolabs FLX Wireless Conference PhoneIdeal for conference rooms, executive offices, and small office/home office (SoHo) environments, the Revolabs FLX wireless conference phone is now offered either with an analogue telephone interface or with a VoIP interface. The FLX VoIP is said to be the first and only wireless conference phone designed for VoIP networks. The FLX VoIP integrates directly with most IP telephone switches following the SIP standard, enabling new features only available through digital switch environments, such as voicemail alerts and “do not disturb.” The unit can also serve as the audio interface for virtually any major brand of video conferencing equipment, making it ideal for unified communications in any environment. Visit Stand 12-A92 at the RAI in Amsterdam at Integrated Systems Europe 2013 on 29-31 January 2013.