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Revitalised Lausanne Opera house reopens with Adamson and Lab.gruppen PA system

After half a decade of renovation work, the Opéra de Lausanne – situated in the Swiss city of the same name – has reopened with a new extension and technical upgrades, including a PA system centred on Adamson and Lab.gruppen.

After five years of renovations, the Opéra de Lausanne, Switzerland – which was built in 1871 – reopened at the beginning of October with a production of The Elixir of Love by Italian composer Donizetti. The opening was attended by 700 guests, who were first to comprehensively experience the new PA system, which is built around Adamson Metrix loudspeakers.

The upgrades to the opera house were made to the stage, the backstage, orchestra pit, the interior design of the public areas, and an extensive expansion. The venue also received an all new technical upgrade, with audio consultant Jacques Moval, assisted by Vincent Taurisson, assigned to the PA upgrade.

The new PA system is built around Adamson Metrix units controlled and amplified by Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q. Two left and right arrays of three Metrix 5º boxes were installed to cover main floor level, with the same array, one sub and two specially aimed Metrix 5º boxes fitted to take care of the balconies.

The PA systems have been fully integrated into the venue with each level boasting its own distribution system incorporated into the small balconies just left and right of the stage.

The terracotta red speaker array made up of one Metrix sub with four Metrix W’s was designed to cover the center from the very top to the floor and it appropriately disappears into the classical valance of the stage. Meanwhile the integrated processing Lake amp can independently manage each group of speakers.

Audio distribution and PLM control is implemented using an optic fibre network running the Dante digital audio network protocol, keeping the signal path from console to amplifier purely digital.