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ReQuest music servers installed in luxury NYC property development

ReQuest_s user interface, Serious Play Media Manager, enables the F.Series to be controlled with the ReQuest 15in touchscreen or from any computer connected to the internet, enabling easy navigation of a music collection by title, artist, album, genre or playlist.

Also included is the patented NetSync for iTunes feature, which facilitates synchronisation between the F.Series server and iTunes. The technology allows users to update songs, playlists and metadata on iTunes while updating them on the ReQuest server, or vice versa. It also enables the synchronisation, via the Net, of an entire music collection to a second music server anywhere in the world.

Bill McKiegan, vice-president of sales & marketing for ReQuest, told II: _We are thrilled to be part of The Plaza Private Residences. These are often clients_ second or third homes and our patented NetSync Technology guarantees that a client_s music is always synchronised between their homes, boats and offices. This means [that] any changes to the main residence_s music collection are immediately reflected in all the other locations. Now when the home owner arrives in New York City, their music is waiting for them._