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Renkus Iconyx loudspeakers installed at Best Western Hotel

The Best Western Eden Resort & Suites located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US, recently underwent installation of a new loudspeaker audio solution from Renkus-Heinz to solve the hotel’s reverberation issues.

Eden Courtyard at the Best Western Eden Resort & Suites has had its reverberation acoustical issue solved with a Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC24-R-II loudspeaker system.

With Champagne Sunday brunches and a menu replete with dishes created from ingredients grown in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster region, the Best Western hotel venue is used for both fine dining and social events.

Tasked with the new hotel installation was Clair Brothers Audio Systems, which noted long reverberation times in the room. In addition to a massive water fountain at one end of the room, Bob Bickelman, senior audio designer at the company, says: “There is a rather large vaulted skylight running across the middle of the room that creates some very strange reflections.”

The arrays in new digitally controlled loudspeaker system were installed into the two front corners of the courtyard. This provides precise steering of the Iconyx array’s multiple sonic beams, which was said to have an immediate impact on the intelligibility factor. Using Renkus-Heinz’s RHAON CobraNet-based DSP software, individual Iconyx elements can be shaped and aimed with programmable precision, lowering or raising the acoustic center as desired.

“Being able to direct the sound downward and away from the walls was huge,” says Bickelman.

The newly installed system at Eden Resort & Suites also includes several Shure wireless microphones and is managed by a Symetrix DSP automixing and processing system with ARC (Adaptive Remote Control) programmable wall panels.