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Renkus-Heinz installation at leading NZ stadium

The three-tiered, half-shell-roofed grandstand and open-air design of the venue generated some considerable challenges for the audio team, which ultimately specified five clusters of three CDT520 10in/2in mid-high horn speakers and one CELK15-2KW dual 15in low-frequency cabinet each to satisfy these requirements. The loudspeakers’ weather resistance to IP559 is said to enable them to withstand the inherent conditions of an outdoor facility and the high humidity of the Auckland region.

The Renkus-Heinz units are used in conjunction with Lab.gruppen amplifiers (three C48-4s and two C68-4s), with control courtesy of a Media Matrix Nion n3 DSP audio processor. A Media Matrix CAB provides a CobraNet link between the NION and the Lab.gruppen amplifiers. EASE acoustic simulation software was used in defining the best combination of speaker models and positions.

“The system since the installation has proven to be a fantastic asset,” Thomas Kelly, engineered solutions and product specialist at Audio Telex, told II. “It has enhanced the vibe of the football matches with the announcements being crystal clear and the music passages adding to the crowd experience.”