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Renkus-Heinz claims European auditorium first

In what the manufacturer describes as “a European first for auditorium sound – digitally steerable auditorium audio”, acoustic consultant Peter Mapp and system integrator Northern Light specified six Renkus-Heinz ICONYX digitally steerable array loudspeakers for the new theatre complex.

The loudspeakers were supplied by Renkus-Heinz’s UK and Ireland distributor, Polar Audio – the company that, until recently, was known as beyerdynamic GB.

Three pairs of ICONYX IC16 loudspeakers have been installed, with one column of three concealed either side within the stage’s proscenium arch. Each left and right pair covers, respectively, the stalls and first and second balconies. The ICONYX units’ digital beam steering capabilities were used to precisely focus each loudspeaker on its allocated seating area during set-up via the dedicated BeamWare software.

Specified in conjunction with Renkus-Heinz self-powered PN212 speakers, the new system is able to handle a wide variety of speech- and music-based commitments, not least the annual Wexford Opera Festival.

A Biamp Audio processor and Crestron touchscreen have also been provided to enable straightforward control and re-configuration.

Simon Cooper, head of projects for Northern Light, commented: “When we turned on the system we were very impressed with the extremely good audio coverage and quality, and our engineers were able to set up the ICONYX without any EQ being required.”