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Reflex enjoys CCTV success

UK integrator Reflex finds that it is enjoying success with CCTV - especially in higher education applications - as a result of its use of Milestone CCTV software which enables Reflex to embrace a range of applications.

AV integrator Reflex says that it is finding success with some unique ways of maximising the functionality of CCTV across whole solutions, specifically within higher education installations.

Working with Milestone CCTV software, the company’s engineers are combining the package with other technologies to give a ‘one stop shop’ solution for all instances where video may be required across the campus.

“We believe we are the only integrator to be combining other technologies with Milestone for whole establishment solutions,” said Reflex’s MD Roland Dreesden (pictured). “The benefit to the customer is a lower cost of ownership and a removal of the need for technical expertise to get the most from the system.”

By installing a central server as the master control system with a temporary storage area for feeds from multiple cameras, users can log in from anywhere and access the footage relevant to them. For example, the security officer can download video of the external premises; the training manager can see video of new recruits in role-play scenarios; the exam invigilator can check to ensure no one is cheating; and line managers can watch their lecturers and assess their performance.

By configuring additional hardware within different locations, the functionality of the system is improved still further. Connecting a touch panel means multiple cameras in a training room can be controlled by any user. Recordings can be stopped and started as needed without having to log in and without the need for technical support. The necessity for camera operators is removed, making the whole system more efficient.

Another area is audio. Whereas most users rely on the built in camera microphone, Reflex is specifying appropriate audio for different uses. For example, in an interview room, two lapel mics give far superior sound reproduction of a two-person conversation without distracting background noise. Hardware such as digital signal processors can also be incorporated to deliver audio for the most demanding acoustic environments.