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Real Music equips new Ukrainian multipurpose venue with ETC kit

Former Krakow cinema in Kyiv updated with stage machinery, stage lighting and controls, and renamed European Cultural Centre Krakow. Official opening postponed due to the Russian invasion

The biggest integrator in the Ukraine, Real Music, has designed and supplied AV kit for a new multipurpose venue within premises of the former Krakow cinema in Kyiv, Ukraine. Real Music specified a multi-product package from ETC, including stage machinery, stage lighting and controls, completing the project in February 2022. The official opening of the renamed European Cultural Centre Krakow has been postponed due to the war with Russia.

Like many former Soviet buildings, the Krakow cinema presented some issues in terms of the architecture of the hall and the acoustics. Since the venue was originally a classic movie theatre, it had no stage, and the roof was not capable of bearing heavy loads. Real Music therefore chose a suitable stage machinery package incorporating ETC Prodigy P2 stage machinery as hoist systems for lighting equipment and scenery: 10x ETC Prodigy P2-300 as general-purpose scenery hoists, and 4x ETC Prodigy P2-300 as electrical hoists – together with Helix cable management, and a ColorSource Raceway modular aluminium pre-wired sockets strip. To manage drop pulleys and lifting lines, the P2 hoists were installed with ETC’s unique compression tube, engineered to fit into the smallest spaces without adding lateral loads to buildings. An ETC QuickTouch+ control panel completed the stage machinery package.

For the stage lighting aspect of the project, Real Music chose a selection of ETC ColorSource fixtures: 18x ColorSource Linear, 38x ColorSource PAR and 36x ColorSource Spot jr, supplemented by a variety of other automated fixtures from several manufacturers. A Road Hog 4 lighting console from ETC was installed to control the entire lighting rig.

Andrii Nikiforov, head of the installation department at Real Music, explained why ETC was selected for the project: “A while ago, we attended training sessions hosted by ETC GmbH in Holzkirchen, Germany, and it is largely thanks to our experience there that we chose ETC as a partner in this project. It is convenient when one manufacturer can offer a comprehensive solution comprising a variety of high-quality products.”