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Reaching back with forward-looking sound software

The integration of VSS and Medialon Manager was carried out by Multitekst, whose services were engaged by the company that designed the exhibition, Blekksprut AS. The same PC is used to run the SoundMan-Server and Medialon, as well as LocalMediaPlayer MxM, which is employed to show HD videos.

According to Multitekst programmer Vidar Eggen, the SoundMan-Server is “becoming the Swiss Army Knife of audio playback and signal distribution in our Medialon installations. Despite the tiny footprint of the software module, what you have at your disposal is an impressively capable audio processor and playback set-up. Install, configure and forget it. It just works.”

Richmond Sound Design’s Charlie Richmond (pictured) told II: “SoundMan-Server does everything that racks of traditional sound equipment have normally done – with only a single PC for it all. Efficient, compact and cost-effective, SoundMan-Server easily does what’s needed now, and it’s expandable instantly without redundancy.”