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RCF system installed at major multipurpose venue

Stage Light Sound worked in close co-operation with RCF Germany’s Georg Hofmann and Norbert Wessel during the design and set-up of the system, which comprises TTL31-A compact line array units and TTS28-A high-power subwoofers as the main PA, augmented by TT08-As (front-fill), TT25-As (side-fill) and TT25-SMAs (stage monitoring). The specification was devised using EASE software.

“Before we got the RCF TT+ system, all guest performances in our multipurpose hall had to use external equipment,” said Glaab. “Now we are able to offer them a fully equipped hall with a really high-performance system. When we heard the TT+ system fully set up, we were really impressed by the clarity and powerful sound reproduction, even in the rearmost places of the venue.”

Alberto Ruozzi, RCF worldwide director of sales, told II: “From installation to touring, the RCF TT+ range is reinforcing a leading position in the European market. Now we’re expanding the TT+ line with the large-format system, which represents one of the highest levels of technology in the industry.”