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Quadra wireless technology enhances audio at Augusta church

The church opted to improve its music systems with a number of wireless technologies due to the music at the venue playing a vital role in the worshiping process.

The First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, US has just had its musicality enhanced by a host of new wireless technologies including a new Quadra in ear monitoring system.

The church hosts roughly 1,500 worshippers each week divided among the various services. Rio Rancho-based Lectrosonics was selected to install a new system to ensure the prominent role that music plays in the venue was enhanced by the new technologies.

Brandt Fincher, media consultant at First Presbyterian Church, assisted with the project. The decision was taken to deploy Lectrosonics’ Quadra IEM systems as well as the Digital Hybrid Wireless UM400a beltpack transmitters and HM plug-on transmitters in conjunction with the company’s Venue receiver mainframe and VRT receiver modules.

“Worship can occur in a variety of settings at First Presbyterian,” Fincher explained. “Our music and arts director, Paul Roberts, is encouraged by the church leadership to explore a variety of musical avenues.”

For wireless microphones, the UM400a beltpacks and HM plug-on transmitters provide the church with a wide range of wireless applications. “Our microphone requirements vary quite a bit,” Fincher reported. “Having the ability to use any mic in our collection wirelessly without a noticeable loss in gain or sound quality is a great advantage. With the HM transmitters, not only are we able to choose which mic we need for a particular purpose, we are also able to spot mic choirs and other ensembles without having to run cabling through a congested area.”

Elsewhere as part of the installation, the Venue receiver system addressed the church’s space limitations with equal aplomb, “As is the case with both the Quadra IEM’s and the wireless mic transmitters, the Venue system doesn’t require as much rack space as many other systems. The Venue receiver setup was yet another space-efficient choice that addressed our requirements very well.

Reflecting on the variety of Lectrosonics equipment First Presbyterian Church uses, Fincher offered these final comments, “Collectively, the Lectrosonics Quadra IEM’s, transmitters and the Venue receiver system deliver exceptional audio quality. We could not be more pleased. The gear is very well crafted and performs beautifully. When the time comes for us to move back into the sanctuary, we already have plans to add more Lectrosonics equipment.”