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QSC tames Münster acoustics

A KLA system has been selected by the Fachhochschule technical college located in Münster, Germany. The install comes as part of lecture theatre improvements and as a replacement to the dated, 20-year old system.

The Fachhochschule (FH) in Münster – one of the largest and most successful technical colleges in Germany – has installed a KLA Series fixed arcuate active line array loudspeaker system in the Audimax, one of its largest lecture theatres, as part of a recent upgrade. The system consists of six 1,000W KLA12 full-range elements, arranged as two columns of three either side of the presentation area, facing the students and at a height of about five metres off the ground. The KLA12’s 90º horizontal dispersion and 54º vertical dispersion have helped to improve the sound quality within the lecture hall. Heinz Schlattmann, head of the IT department at Münster, commented: “The acoustics in the Audimax have improved by a considerable margin; the former electro-acoustic speakers here were already over 20 years old and no longer really fit for purpose. The professors here – and their listening public, the students – are all very excited about the new QSC PA system.”