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QSC sounds out the Spectrum

The Spectrum Centre incorporates two concert halls, and the larger of these has been installed with a QSC ILA line array system by Darren Gardiner of Light & Sound FX (LSFX).

The entire AV package for the hall was supplied by local dealers DJ Kilpatrick, whose Jim Hooks worked with Gardiner to devise a triamped system assigned to three QSC RMX-5050s – driving the five-hangs-per-side WL2082-i mid-highs – and an RMX-2450 powering the single WL118-sw subs. The presets are stored in a dedicated SC28 system controller.

“This is my first experience with QSC and I had no idea it would sound as well as it does,” said Gardiner. “In terms of size and performance it is ideal for this venue and for the price point it is also perfect.”

The installers were assisted by EASE modelling, masterminded by Peter James at Shure Distribution (UK), while SMAART was used to EQ the room.