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QSC active loudspeakers grace Singapore’s For Jesus My King Church

QSC's K10s, K8s & Subwoofers have been installed at the newly relocated For Jesus My King Church, Singapore. The new professional audio solution is allowing bands and groups to accompany church services.

Singapore-based Sindo Exports has supplied multiple K Series Active Loudspeakers to the relocated Jesus My King church in the south-eastern part of the city. 
 The senior pastor, Dr Steven Francis, wanted bands and groups to be able to accompany church services in the church’s new home, and required speakers for both on-stage monitoring and amplification.
 Sindo Exports worked in conjunction with Singaporean sound consultant Robert Soo of Cogent Acoustics, which specified the system and recommended the QSC K Series. “After surveying the venue I figured that the QSC K Series Active Loudspeakers best fitted the bill,” Commented Soo. “The hall is wide and fan-shaped, with an extremely low ceiling of just 8ft 2in, and a floor space that leaves little room for the FOH booth and even the stage after fitting in all the required seats.”
 Five K10s were installed at the church, of which three are used as the main front-of-house speakers and two as floor wedges for musicians to monitor with. Soo also specified a pair of KW181 subwoofers (one positioned on either side of the stage), and used smaller K8s (three in total) as fill-in speakers towards the back of the church. Moreover, two K8s are used in a separate training room and a sixth plays music in the church’s main reception area. 
 “Reverend Francis was already impressed with QSC products from a previous positive experience,” explained Soo. “So he had absolutely no problem with any of my suggestions — including the choice of active monitors, which I considered for this project because they save on the space required to house a rack of amplifiers!”