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Q-Sys audio control for German Museum of Film

The renovated Frankfurt Museum has installed QSC digital audio networking platform and loudspeakers to control its multimedia needs.

Following a comprehensive refit, the German Museum of Film has installed the Q-Sys Integrated System platform to manage and route all of the audio sources under its roof, together with K Series active loudspeakers to handle playback in its new demonstration and seminar rooms. 

The Museum of Film opened in 1984 in Frankfurt am Main and has always been more than a traditional, educational film museum. With its rolling programme of exhibitions, cinema presentations and retrospectives, it has sought to give visitors an insight into all of the manifold historical, aesthetic and technical aspects of film as an artistic medium.

Last August saw the completion of an 18-month renovation project at the museum. The totally refurbished building, with its striking architecture and its new permanent exhibition facilities, has been equipped to meet the challenges of the next few years, one of which was bringing the technical facilities right up to date.

Audio in the multimedia facilities at the museum, which consist of large numbers of audiovisual playback systems including video monitors and projectors with audio playback features, is now centrally managed, routed and controlled using Q-Sys, the QSC digital audio networking platform. Designed to be expandable to meet the museum’s future multimedia needs, the system currently consists of a Core 1000 processor and several I/O Frames.

As part of the museum’s refit, a complete film studio and two workshops were installed so that visitors have the ability to be hands-on in creating their own film productions. In order to reproduce and play back all elements of film sound in the seminars to the highest possible standard, including music, foley and location sound and dialogue, QSC K Series active loudspeakers were installed in the studio and workshop areas. Featuring 1000W of Class D power amplification per cabinet and advanced DSP to ensure full-range, peak performance, the K8 speakers fit unobtrusively in the museum’s studio and presentation rooms. Surveying the completed system solution after the reopening of the museum, Thomas Worschech, head of the museum’s Ffilm archive commented: “This renovation has brought about the complete reinvention of the film museum, both visually and technically.” 

QSC recently installed a similar system in the Bard’s Italian Multimedia Museum in Italy.