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Prysm LPD technology at heart of largest videowall

The wall, installed at IAC HQ in New York, is 120ft (36.5m) wide, 10ft (3m) high and features over 43 million pixels.

Hot on the heels of the announcement by integrator Impact of the UK’s largest single source multi-touch videowall at Glasgow Caledonian University comes an announcement from Prysm that its LPD (laser phosphor display) cubes have been used to form the largest videowall in the USA (and possibly the world).

The Prysm wall at IAC in New York is nearly 120ft wide (36.5m) by 10ft (3m) tall, comprising over 43 million pixels. (This dwarfs the Impact wall, which comprises 18 Samsung 46in screens, giving it a total width of around 21ft (6.4m).)

The Prysm/IAC wall is one of two installed in the lobby: the other measures a mere 20ft (6m) wide.

The Frank Gehry-designed IAC HQ is home to many of IAC’s industry-leading Internet and media companies.

A key element in the Prysm/LPD value proposition is the technology’s low power consumption. It is said that the two wall IAC installation will reduce power and cooling costs by 70% compared with the previous projection technology.

“The new technology displayed in the IAC HQ’s video walls sets the standard for green technology,” said Vincent Luciani, Chief Information Officer of IAC. “We expect to dramatically decrease our energy costs while simultaneously providing an unparalleled viewing experience for our hundreds of clients and thousands of employees and visitors that attend events at the IAC HQ each year.”

“Our momentum is growing as Prysm installations continue to populate some of the most well-known international organizations. We are very excited to support IAC, a name synonymous with success,” said Amit Jain, CEO and Founder of Prysm. “This installation demonstrates Prysm’s immersive experiences and its image uniformity over the long life of these displays does not require regular adjustments leading to fast ROI as well.”