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Prysm launches Sketchboard digital workplace platform

Prysm has released its next-generation digital sketchboard, Windows 10 support, and updated design and homepage capabilities.

Prysm’s new sketchboard allows bi-directional, real-time collaboration for disparate meeting participants along with multi-directional resizing, and ability to zoom in and out of the experience for maximum use case flexibility.

The Winter ’17 software release supports the continued expansion of Prysm’s collaboration ecosystem, integrating several new features including: Windows 10 support, in-room homepage design and in-app training.

“Many of today’s digital sketchboards offer aspects of the tools employees need, but they lack the surrounding digital workplace capabilities that can turn an ad-hoc brainstorm session into actionable progress,” said Paige O’Neill, CMO, Prysm. “With today’s software release, we are not only solving those problems, we’re up-levelling sketchboard collaboration by providing a space for users to work with multiple idea streams simultaneously in the context of the challenge being addressed. This, ultimately, helps users come to smarter conclusions, and faster.”