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Prolight + Sound 2013: Four Audio to launch Dante solutions

Dante developer Audinate has collaborated with loudspeaker measurement and management solutions provider Four Audio in the making of two new products in time for this year's Prolight + Sound.

Audinate has teamed up with loudspeaker measurement and management solutions provider Four Audio to take two new products to this year’s Prolight + Sound 2013. The first, the DBS1, is a two-channel breakout box built on Audinate’s new cost-effective solution to networking low channel networked devices, Dante Ultimo. It’s metal housing is smaller than a 9.5in and features two balanced symmetrical analog inputs with programmable sensitivity (-46 to +14 dBu), switchable 48V phantom power, a low cut filter and has 118 dB dynamic range. The two balanced analog outputs deliver 14 dBu maximum output. “The DBS1 is ideally suited for providing a small, inexpensive audio connection anywhere without much infrastructure,” commented Rainer Thaden, Four Audio’s Managing Director. “We put a lot of attention on high audio quality to make it usable in PA systems. The DBS1 is also an ideal external two channel soundcard for PCs or notebooks.” For OEM/high volume customers, Four Audio offers designs tailored to their needs to eliminate unnecessary costs. Four Audio will also make available two new configurations to its DBO1 breakout box. The DBO1 is a Dante enabled breakout box providing eight analog output channels and optional four AES outputs. The new configuration will offer four balanced symmetrical analog inputs from -46 to +14 dBu and either 48V phantom power or ICP constant current supply. The DBO1 with ICP supply is ideally suited for industrial measurement applications with many widely distributed sensors. It enables to connect measurement microphones, piezo transducers, accelerometers, to a sensor network over Ethernet, allowing remote measurements over large distances with no trouble.