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Prolight + Sound 2013: Electro-Voice unveils ZLX series

With the launch of the new ZLX series, Electro-Voice has extended its range of speaker systems to include two active and two passive models.

The ZLX series comprises the two powered models, ZLX-12P and ZLX-15P, and their passive counterparts, ZLX-12 and ZLX-15. They are equipped in each case with 12in and 15in woofers, respectively, a 1.5in titanium HF driver and, in the case of the powered models, a 1000 W (peak) Class-D power amplifier, high-quality components that are said to guarantee clear and powerful performance. The patented “split baffle” design leads, furthermore, to a clear improvement in the acoustic dispersion. In addition to a precise sonic image in music applications, the primary advantage of this is enhanced intelligibility of the spoken word.
 These features make the ZLX series suitable for a multitude of different mobile applications: the speakers are just as suitable for musicians and small groups as for DJs and solo entertainers whether as a main PA or monitor system (dispersion pattern 90° x 60°). All members of the ZLX come in compact dimensions and robust polypropylene cabinets. 
 In continuous operation, the passive loudspeakers of the ZLX series offer power handling of 250 W (RMS) / 1000 W (peak). The nominal impedance of the ZLX-12 and the ZLX-15 is 8 ‡ (minimum impedance 7 ‡). The ZLX-12 generates a mean sound pressure level of 95 dB and maximum sound pressure level of 125 dB, whilst the equivalent values for the ZLX-15 are 96 dB (mean SPL) and 126 dB (maximum SPL). The frequency range of the passive ZLX loudspeakers extends from 55 Hz to 20 kHz in the case of the ZLX-12 and from 44 Hz to 20 kHz in that of the ZLX-15.