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projectiondesign-ing the universe

The projectors were supplied (as part of a package with HP image-generating servers) by distributor Pedensia and integrated by ST Electronics subsidiary Antycip Simulation. The new set-up enables Umevatoriet to offer a “more immersive” experience and produce full-dome shows for the first time.

Originally opened in 2006, the planetarium seats 27 people in two rows under a 5m diameter hard-curved dome screen. Described as being ideal for space-limited installations, the F22 1080s are being used in conjunction with Mersive SOL software, which enables the devices’ automatic calibration.

“Calibration which has traditionally taken hours and even days to achieve has been reduced to a few minutes, such that installation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced,” observed Mersive CEO Randall Stevens.

Other elements of the technical upgrade include the specification of SCISS AB Uniview Theater and Uniview Producer software to enable easier access to global satellite imagery.

Antycip Simulation’s Malin Hallbeck noted: “The projectiondesign F22 1080s, allied with the right imaging and database software tools, have really allowed this unique space to take a quantum leap forward in terms of audience interaction and engagement.”

Summing up the benefits of the F22 series, projectiondesign’s international marketing & communications manager, Anders L_kke, told II that this range is “particularly useful for high-resolution imaging and visualisation in applications like this where the position of the projector is critical. Its small size enables it to [be] placed in challenging positions and with a minimum of hassle. At the same time, its range of projection optics and configuration options allows the integrator and user to fine-tune the projector to its intended application by controlling every little detail in the projector. Finally, the end result is obviously down to the projector’s impeccable performance, with colour accuracy and resolution, and an unmatched warranty coverage.”