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projectiondesign F21 boardroom projector now shipping

projectiondesign is usuually associated with high value niche solutions, but the F21 is aimed squarely at the conference/meeting room market.

projectiondesign has announced that its new F21 entry-level projector is now shipping.

Housed in a pearl white cabinet, the projector is designed for boardrooms or meeting rooms. It features full HD native 1080p resolution, is based on DLP technology and incorporates a zoom lens and long life lamp.

The projector uses projectiondesign’s RealColor colour management suite and can be used in stand-alone or multi-channel blended environments. For greater accuracy, RealColor allows the user to define a desired white point, match the colours from the projector to the picture on the screen or a print for true colour imaging.

“Renowned for having the world’s most advanced projector technologies, the F21 reproduces intense graphics reproduction and reliability with no compromise in image quality,” said Fredrik Brostrøm-Hansen, Product Marketing Manager at projectiondesign. “The F21 meets the specific needs and expectations of professional corporate users and is available at an attractive price point.”

“Now that the F21 projector is shipping, we are able to deliver an even stronger product offering for the important corporate meeting room and collaboration space,” he continued. “With the F21, what you see is what you get, and that is no less than the highest performing quality on-screen image.”

The F21 projector comes with projectiondesign’s standard 3-year 24/7 warranty which can be extended up to five years.