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Projection screen that can memorise picture shapes

Multiformat from Adeo can recall up to seven different screen sizes

Adeo’s Multiformat projection screen distinguishes itself through the possibility of memorising up to seven different screen formats, thanks to the presence of two surfaces (a top ‘masking’ canvas, and an underlying projection surface), secured to two independent rollers. By synchronising these, it is possible to obtain different projection formats, and images that are always edged in black.

The world of video-projection offers many formats (aspect ratios), depending on the matrix fitted on the projector (4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 16:10 and the presence of anamorphic optics, if applicable); on the type of projection (home cinema or data); and on the kind of film projected (1.33 – 1.66 – 1.78 – 1.85 – 2.35 – 2.40 aspect ratio).

Multiformat enables the spectator to personalise projections each time, keeping in step with the evolution and changes of current cinema formats.

Equally important is the rollers’ vertical alignment, designed to reduce as much as possible the distance between the top masking canvas and the projection surface, to avoid the formation of shadows during projection.