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Projection Advertising creates 3D animation for launch of Kipling range

Leading projection specialist uses eye-catching graphics and upbeat audio at ‘Make Happy’ promotional event for bags and luggage manufacturer Kipling.

Projection Advertising, one of the UK’s leading projection specialists, has been commissioned by design agency Marmalade London to create projections for the launch of ‘Make Happy’, the AW2014 collection from bags and luggage manufacturer Kipling. The launch event, which took place in the stunning Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, included two highly vivid pieces of projection work by Projection Advertising.

The centrepiece of the launch was a 3D set that spelled ‘HAPPY’, and this was the canvas upon which Projection Advertising beamed the animation. While guests took their seats, the projection traced different coloured light around the 3D set and gradually filled each letter with solid colour. With everyone seated, the ‘wow’ animation began: a one-minute show with audio, introducing animal print patterns, each revealed strip by strip to the rhythm of C2C’s track Happy until each letter was completely covered.

The animation took the set through a series of transformations including a graphic equaliser effect, solid colour, and silhouettes of dancers dancing in time to the audio. The end of the video projection saw the ‘Make Happy’ branding pasted all over the set like wrapping paper – before a large bow wrapped all the shapes together like a giant gift. The set then opened up to reveal shelves stocked with the new Kipling product range, while live performers came out wheeling the new luggage.

Another projection took place in the reception area, where guests were treated to canapés while waiting to be taken through to the presentation room. The reception and presentation room were separated by a large white door, which doubled as a projection screen for a promotional video.

“Projection mapping fits in perfectly with Kipling’s young, fun and bright brand,” explains Jay Young, who managed the project at Projection Advertising. “It was particularly great to work with a set that opened up to reveal some hidden surprises throughout the show. This element combined with the video-mapping show made for a really memorable guest experience.”