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Prison kiosks use 3M’s touch technology

Touchscreen kiosks installed in UK prisons by Nemacom use 3M's capacitive touch technology.

3M’s surface capacitive touch technology has been incorporated in self-service touchscreen kiosks being installed in selected prisons throughout the UK. The SmartKiosk from interactive display solutions provider Nemacom uses the 3M MicroTouch System SCT7650EX which the company says provides a rugged, high-performance human machine interface (HMI), delivering key interactive features to inmates in a cost-effective and secure manner.

“Our objective was to develop and implement a self-service touchscreen kiosk for the safe and secure delivery of key facilities to prisoners,” said Graham Kemp, sales and marketing manager of Nemacom. “In addition to improving service provision, of utmost importance was the product’s ability to withstand environments susceptible to accidental and malicious activity, as glass breakages can present a serious safety risk to both inmates and staff.”

“Other competitive products were considered for this application, but the 3M MicroTouch System SCT7650EX was selected for its exceptional durability and reliability, which is essential in harsh conditions,” he continued. “Nemacom has been integrating 3M technology for many years and we can always trust the company for its high-quality products and support.”

The SmartKiosk features an integrated 17in 3M MicroTouch System SCT7650EX flat panel TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen, PC, fingerprint reader, 3in thermal printer and is sealed to IP65, protecting against dust and low pressure water. Hardware has been limited so the only input for the kiosk is via the touchscreen.