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Prestigious Swedish concert hall features Kinesys hoist controllers

Kinesys’ Dave Weatherhead worked closely with the Unusual team – led by crew chief Chris Monahan and project manager Mike Philpott – and went to site to fit the control system once all the motors were in place.

The Smart 8 controller allows the hoists to be programmed and controlled from a single unit. The seven Smart 8 units – offering a total of 56 ways of control – were fitted inside a master installation cabinet together with a custom Emergency Stop unit, Ethernet hub and all other system elements. Linked to this are two additional termination chambers, allowing the motor controllers to be easily hard-wired into the building system.

Kinesys’ PC-based Vector software – featuring a specially tailored touch screen – enables the different ceiling panels (1-5) to be selected one at a time from a small bespoke control panel and then run up, down or to position.

Before leaving site, Kinesys provided training on their system for all the venue’s project and technical managers.

“It was great to be working with Unusual and be involved in an installation of this profile,” said Weatherhead. “The end-result achieves everything that is required of it in a discreet and very efficient manner.”