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Prestige cinema chooses Alcons audio solution

Bergen Kino, Norway’s highest profile cinema, has commissioned the installation of an Alcons system.

Bergen Kino, Norway’s highest profile cinema, has commissioned the installation of an Alcons system.

Built in 1918, originally as a concert hall, Konsertpaléet screen 1 (KP1) is the premier cinema auditorium in Bergen, Norway and attracts cinephiles from across Scandinavia to enjoy its quality surroundings, sound and vision facilities. Recently it underwent a major refurbishment programme to become a true reference class cinema, with owning company Bergen Kino keen to provide filmgoers with a cinema experience that was in a league of its own.

Alongside contractors providing new seating, lighting and improved interior design, Bergen Kino contracted Unique Cinema Systems to install Alcons’ latest C series system. The system comprises five CR5 front of house Pro-Ribbon Screen Systems, designed for auditoriums of 500 seats and upwards, 20 Cinema Ribbon Monitor System (CRMS) surround speakers and four BF362 double 18” subwoofers.

Described by Alcons as the first true cinema system that utilises line-source technology throughout, the CR5 provides non-compressed reproduction and extended dynamic range and optimal acoustic coupling efficiency. A triple RBN401 pro-ribbon array HF section allows a cinema-unique flat SPL coverage from front to rear, with very precise projection, while the quad-6.5in MF section features projection control and increased output through acoustical coupling with a minimal depth waveguide. Despite the system’s shallow, 35cm design allowing it to be very economical in its spatial requirements, it makes no compromise on audio quality.

The CRMS surround speakers feature an RBN401 pro-ribbon HF section with an 8in midbass woofer. The system’s 800W peak power handling offers a 1:15 dynamic range. The CRMS surrounds were chosen to obtain the same mid-high frequency response “ear print” as from the front system, offering the same unique sound timbre throughout the auditorium.