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Powerful backing for Feng Shui: new Taiwan temple benefits from QSC amplification

Claimed by the temple leader to be located at the best Feng Shui area in the whole of Taiwan, the temple took a decade to construct and has a total capacity of 15,000 people and covers an area of one million square metres. It was therefore important that the sound system did not skimp on power.

Taichung-based QSC distributor Prosound recommended that nine PowerLight PL4.0 (900W/8 ohms) amplifiers be assigned to project the mic and CD inputs to the main system, reinforced with a pair of PowerLight PL236 (725W/8 ohms) and a PL-224 amplifier (440W/8 ohms).

PowerLight technology has been an industry favourite for switching power supplies since it was first introduced back in 1994. This revolutionary method provides ample current to the audio power circuitry by charging the supply rails 230,000 times a second through an ultra-low impedance circuit. Not only does it give tighter bass and clean transparent highs, but PowerLight also cuts waste heat, boosts reliability and gets rid of unwanted noise and hum.