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Portuguese casino equipped with Robe DigitalSpots

The DigitalSpots are running the new 2.0 version software and were supplied by Robe’s Portuguese distributor, NAN, for whom the project was co-ordinated by technical specialist Luis Vidigal.

The inclusion of two onboard LED modules, general flexibility and the desire to create a real ‘wow’ factor for guests entering the venue were among the requirements that informed the selection of the DigitalSpot 7000 DT fixtures.

The casino was already familiar with Robe lighting equipment, possessing a main stage rig containing 12 ColorSpot and 12 ColorWash 575E AT moving lights.

In addition to projecting a combination of abstract graphics, promotions and advertising messages, live images are also streamed to the DigitalSpots. These show onstage action from the various stage shows, jackpot ‘moments’ and more.