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Portuguese ballet company chooses ETC

Portugal's national ballet company is to use ETC's control desks at its home theatre as well as on tour.

ETC’s Portuguese dealer Luzeiro has supplied ETC Eos control desks to the country’s national ballet company for use at the Camões Theatre in Lisbon and on tour.

“The company’s previous system failed on a regular basis, and they asked us for information about replacements,” said Vitor Paiva, Luzeiro’s sales technician. “We showed them both Congo and Eos, and they tried each for a week. While they would have been more comfortable with Congo, since they understood its programming syntax already, they felt they wanted to really push themselves and get the Eos, which proved itself to have the power to do absolutely everything they wanted to do.”

“Eos is ETC’s biggest control desk and was specifically designed with theatre use in mind,” continued Paiva. “The product developers talked to designers, programmers and electricians in order to design a product that is already familiar to them, with common problems solved in ingenious ways, and the technicians could really see that dedication to customer satisfaction shine through. In the end, they got an Eos, two Ion desks and an additional fader wing, as well as a remote focus unit. They told us they particularly liked the ease with which they could select colours and operate moving lights with the desk.”

Ion is a smaller version of Eos, offering, according to ETC, the same ease, power and operational style of Eos in a small, affordable package: because it has only a 19” footprint, it is said to be ideal for touring.