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Porto venue goes permanent with Meyer

The systems were supplied by Meyer Sound Portugal and installed by the venue’s own engineering department.

In Sala Suggia, the Meyer specification comprises twin hangs of 10 M2D loudspeakers, topped by a pair of M2D-Sub subwoofers on each side. Four UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers are floor-mounted for front fill, paired with a quartet of 700-HP subwoofers that can be arranged in a number of configurations, as required. For foldback, four UM-1P and two UM-100P stage monitors have been provided.

Over in Sala 2, two pairs of Meyer Sound UPA-1P loudspeakers are augmented by four 650-P subwoofers and a pair of UPM-1Ps (for near-fill).

In addition, Meyer Sound Galileo loudspeaker management systems are part of the set-up in both halls.

Casa’s technical production manager, Ernesto Costa, commented: “I like the fact that Meyer Sound self-powered speakers give us true optimisation between drivers and amplifiers. And, practically speaking, you can just put them where you need them, without worrying about technical considerations such as impedance.”