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Polish State Opera host venue gets integrated with Crestron

Within the six-floor complex, the Congress Centre comprises two large conference rooms, five smaller seminar rooms, a restaurant and a special room for radio and TV crew. A Crestron 2-Series Control System is at the heart of both conference rooms and enables the integration of every audio, video and environmental element. Other Crestron equipment specified in the two conference rooms includes multiple CNXRMC room solution boxes, CNX-BIPAD8 high performance 24 x 8 stereo audio switcher/preamplifiers and TPS-12 touchpanels, which enable full control of all AV sources, electronic screens, blinds and lighting systems.

Meanwhile, the use of acoustic partition walls and five Crestron QM-RMCRX MediaManager systems allows the two large seminars rooms located on Level 4 of the Congress Centre to be transformed into five smaller, independent rooms.

The main component of the visual presentation system in each of the five rooms is a DLP projector, although image sources also include local DVD players. Each room is equipped with a Crestron QMI-FTMC control keyboard, QM-MD8X8 QuickMedia matrix switchers and QM-AMP3X80MM power amplifiers.

Elsewhere, the restaurant installation is based around another CNXRMCLV Crestron room solution box, providing a single-box signal interface for the connection and control of AV devices, including various plasma TVs.

Other equipment used in the Congress Centre includes wireless microphone units from Shure; conference, vocal and instrumental wireless microphones by Schoeps, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica; and professional CD and MiniDisc players by Marantz, Denon and Sony.