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PLASA 2012: Duran Audio shows Optocore DM1 interface

The DM1-TP is designed to provide SANE connectivity to powered Duran Audio loudspeakers.

New for PLASA 2012 is the Optocore DM1 interface.The DM1-TP is designed to provide SANE connectivity to powered Duran Audio loudspeakers, allowing for integration of the company’s loudspeakers into synchronous, low latency, redundant Optocore and SANE networks. Offering a unique, non-proprietary open standard transport platform SANE is the first fully synchronous Cat5 network solution for streaming and transmitting data in real time. In addition to the synchronous, low latency digital audio distribution, DM1-TP will provide the Intellivox range with all the other benefits of SANE, including 100 Mb/s Ethernet audio distribution, dual-redundant ring connections, and interfacing to Optocore FX and TP devices. The introduction of the SANE network will bring significant benefits to system designers, installers and end users. On larger Intellivox installations there will be a significant saving in both the cost of cable and labour, whilst the wealth of additional features will reduce the need for additional processing devices in the system. This once again proves that Intellivox devices not only provide great control of the array’s directivity but also the functionality. Either redundant point-to-point (star) or daisy-chain topologies are supported (point-to-point requiring an Optocore SANE capable device for a connection to each DM1-TP equipped Intellivox); redundant option offers automatic switch-over to the secondary port in case of failure of the primary port. Daisy-chain with loop-end closing offers a redundant ring topology (with no third party switching required). Other features include low-jitter word clock distribution using standard Optocore solutions and automatic master clock negotiation. ? DM1 firmware and internal logic updates over Ethernet are supported, as is standard Intellivox RS-485 interface, while system control and monitoring by AXYS WinControl takes place over a SANE serial bridge, with 8 or 16 digital audio channels routable to the DSP in the Intellivox. Other peripherals include external fan control output for connection to the Intellivox ‘rain-hood’, while an Ambient Noise Sensing microphone signal can be routed to the SANE network. The new interface module can be mounted in the following Intellivox products: AXYS Intellivox DC/DS 115, DC/DS 180 and DC/DS 280. Duran products are also on show in The AXYS demo room in the Westminster Suite which is accessible from the lifts in the lobby of Earls Court 1. Products from the Flex, Scope, Target and Beam Shaping Subwoofer ranges are on show here.