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Pioneer powers first two HMV stores on European mainland

Pioneer PRO AUDIO selected for the store at Wijnegem, Belgium. After its success, HMV was also selected Pioneer PRO AUDIO for 2nd continental opening, in Brussels

Pioneer PRO AUDIO CM-Series has been installed at HMV’s first two branches in mainland Europe. The first installation at the Wijnegem Shop Eat Enjoy shopping centre, in the Belgian province of Antwerp, came back in November. Following its success, another more recent installation of Pioneer PRO AUDI at the second HMV store in mainland Europe, in Brussels, quickly followed, in April.

The installation at HMV, Wijnegem, comprises 12 x CM-S56T-K 6” surface mount loudspeakers complemented by 3 x CM-510ST-K 10” subwoofers, which were wall-mounted using the UB-510ST-K yoke mount kit. The system is driven by 3 x Powersoft Mezzo 604A 600W/4-channel amplifiers with DSP, and controlled using a wall-mounted Powersoft WM Touch PoE fed touch screen.

The second HMV installation of Pioneer PRO AUDIO was in the City2 Shopping Centre, in Brussels. This store is the largest entertainment retail space in Belgium by square footage and opened on April 12.

The Brussels store features HMV’s Live & Local programme which enables grassroots performers to enjoy in-store gig experience, so as well as a Pioneer PRO AUDIO commercial audio system for playback, a self-powered Pioneer PRO AUDIO XPRS2 system also features at the site to cater for live sets.

The system at HMV Brussels comprises 16 x CM-S56T-K and 4 x CM-510ST subs driven by 3 x Mezzo 604 A, controlled by a WM-Touch. For the in-store performances 2 x XPRS102 10” full-range active loudspeakers and 2 x XPRS1152S 15” reflex loaded active subs deliver powerful, high quality, plug and play sound.

Dany De Letter owner at Swing said: “The client wanted an even distribution of sound across every part of the trading area, although no loudspeakers could be placed on the floor. Careful design consideration of the number and positioning of the speakers enabled us to install a system which comfortably met the requirements of the brief and delivered the spot-on, warm sound we are so used to from Pioneer PRO AUDIO.”

Dave Daglish, head of projects, HMV, added: “I was blown away by the sound quality when I first heard it in store. Whether we’re playing loud or quiet music, it really is impressive. It was very easy to work with both Swing and Pioneer PRO AUDIO and I must thank both Danny DeLetter and Joeri Verhoeven (of Pioneer PRO AUDIO) for making the install process as smoothly as possible. I would absolutely love to use Pioneer PRO AUDIO on our future shop projects. ”

The Belgium openings marked the start of an expansion on the continent. The Wijnegem shop holds some 10,000 items of stock, including the country’s largest selection of K-Pop.