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Philips’ LED spot wins product design award

Philips’ StyliD LED spot has won gold iF product design award; the jury praised the first variable LED solution that offers light quality with energy efficiency.

Philips is proud to announce that its StyliD LED spot has been awarded the prestigious gold iF product design award. According to the iF jury report: “With the StyliD LED luminaire range, Philips realised the first truly variable LED solution that meets the requirements of having both optimal light quality and energy efficiency. The simple, good quality of StyliD is beautiful and groundbreaking for retail lighting.”

The StyliD range offers lighting quality and flexibility which can give retailers a competive advantage. As part of the next generation of LED retail lighting, the StyliD produces sparkling warm light which creates an appealing atmosphere inside a store. Because of its high colour rendering, the lighting helps merchandise to stand out. Its flexibility allows retailers to create and customise a lighting style that fits their brand. And its efficient design helps to lower the cost in both maintenance and energy use in comparison with traditional lighting. The StyliD range offers a large choice of varities in size and colour.