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Philips launches Multi-Touch Series

The BDT Multi-Touch Series is a range of 30 different Multi-Touch products, most designed for multi-user applications.

The BDT Multi-Touch series incorporates screens ranging from 32in, 42in, 55in up to the largest at 65in, as well as different sizes of Touch Tables, Touch Kiosks plus indoor and outdoor Touch Totems. Touch techniques vary according to the intended purpose – as do the number of simultaneous touch points available. Optical Touch Imaging is intended as a cost-effective system for a variety of applications and offers two Touch Points simultaneously. Infrared Touch is designed for accuracy and to allow Multi-User operation through 6 or 32 simultaneous Touch Points. Capacitive Touch offers a practical solution for (outdoor) public use and is designed to be easy to clean with two Touch Points available simultaneously. 

The BDT Series includes a Multi-User Touch Table based on the first Philips 55in LED touchscreen – the BDT5530ET/32 – and designed to be placed on a cabinet to work at an ergonomic height.