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Philadelphia freedom – AKG mics at performing arts centre

The system – which was specified by Metropolitan Acoustics – will become the focus of two adjacent theatres catering to people studying disciplines including performing arts and multimedia presentations.

The difficulty of the local wireless conditions and the need to link audio, video, data, fibre and wireless systems prompted the decision to select an array of AKG equipment, including four C5 Handheld Condenser microphones, four D5 General Purpose Vocal microphones, four C1000S and four C518M instrument condensers, 10 wireless mic systems and more.

“Our client wanted the theatres to serve as a show place for the university,” commented Saben Shawhan, senior consultant for Metropolitan Acoustics. “We needed a system that had a lot of flexibility with interchangeable microphone elements and the ability to reallocate frequencies as the RF landscape changed. The system also needed to accommodate a variety of presentations, musical performances and theatrical productions, each with different wired and wireless microphone demands. With the Harman products, that’s exactly what we got.”

Nick Owen, vice president of sales for AKG in the US, told II: “The [Caplan Center’s] use of such an extensive amount of AKG equipment is yet another example of AKG’s flexibility and dependability. This example signifies AKG’s ability to reliably deliver the most accurate sound to live audiences, regardless of the situation. Whether it’s for a live concert, a presentation, or even a recital, people can count on AKG to deliver sonic sound without interruption every time.”

In addition to the AKG components, the theatre also utilises two Soundcraft Vi4 digital consoles, two BSS Soundweb Blu-160s and one Blu-120 audio processor.