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Performance space Enlightened by Milos

Bath Spa University in the UK has created a new performance space. The fact that it is located in a 'listed' building - which constrains what can and cannot be done with the fabric of the building - set challenges for the integrator, Enlightened.

UK-based production, rental and installation company Enlightened has designed and installed a bespoke Milos Quatro 290V trussing ground support system for a brand new performance space that has been created in a Grade 1 listed building on the Corsham Court campus of Bath Spa University.

The new space is called “The Image Capture Studio” and will be primarily used for postgraduate studies, assorted productions and media related research. It includes a full image capture studio, green screen, projection facilities, a photographic studio set up and will also be used for a range of performances, from drama to video and TV production, to poetry reading and dance shows.

The Grade I status of the building dictated that nothing could be fixed or attached to the walls, so the ground support was vital, and the only way to provide positions for the technical elements.

The M290 truss was chosen for its strength, spanning and weight loading capabilities: this is the mid-size truss offered in Milos’ Quick Truss family of products, and in this case, it was the heavy-duty ā€Vā€ Range format that was selected. Apart from all the practical considerations, the M290 is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, and provided a stylish contemporary contrast to the historical setting.

The 8 legged structure measures 14 metres wide by 6 metres deep and is 4 metres high. The 4 internal legs are asymmetric and have all been carefully positioned to avoid obstructing windows, doors and entrances around the space.

There is a central spine running lengthways between the two ends, complete with five strengthening cross members.
The lighting rig features a full selection of white lights including Kino Flos, Philips Selecon profiles and fresnels, plus LED fixtures. There is a flown Nexo PS10 audio system, a Sanyo HD projector and screen, and a full set of drapes and pantograph lifts. Doughty Engineering made a set of custom brackets to allow a shaped Studio Rail to be hung below the structure for precise hanging of the drapes and masking.