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Penn Elcom launches DIY case designer

Penn Elcom's 'CaseDesigner' software allows customers to design and cost bespoke flight cases in real time.

Flightcase and speaker cabinet solutions specialist Penn Elcom has developed a new software programme – ‘CaseDesigner’ – which the company says marks the beginning of a new fully-flexible era in the world of flightcase construction.

The graphical interface enables Penn Elcom customers to design and visualise potential new case designs in both 2D and 3D, and view in full 360 degree rotation. CaseDesigner also allows clients to generate a quote for themselves.

“This has been developed in response to our growing business and our desire to keep at the forefront of the industry,” said Thomas Mostert, CEO of Penn Elcom. “We need to be agile and deliver information quickly and accurately to our customers.”

Simultaneous to showing the evolving design onscreen, CaseDesigner will generate a full list of components needed to build the case, including the sheet cutting sizes, for example, and a total cost.

Users can either create a fully bespoke case from scratch, or select from a large library of standard pre-set cases, which they can customise if required.

A comprehensive list of Penn Elcom flightcase fittings and accessories (catches, handles, grills etc.) is provided and can also be added to the designs at this stage, together with some user-defined parts.

The case can be specified with or without dividers or foam interiors, and other extras like custom parts and third party services can also be calculated.

CaseDesigner regular users can create their own library of cases which can be recalled at any time for the basis of a potential new case design. From these, new variants can be produced and added to the library.