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Peavey says, ‘Hello Kettering!’

Peavey Architectural Acoustics loudspeakers and Crest Audio amplifiers feature prominently in the final installation. For the main auditorium, Joyce selected two pairs of ILS 1564V speakers to cover the balcony and main seating areas, powered by Crest CPX900 and CC1800 amplifiers. A pair of Peavey Impulse 2652 service the under-balcony area, delayed using the Peavey IDL1000 digital delay line and powered by another Crest CPX900 amplifier. The FOH system is equalised using a Crest Performance CPQ 2215, while a Peavey PZS 140RA integrated zoning mixer is part of the bar/foyer set-up.

“Architectural Acoustics from Peavey might not be among the best-known brands in theatre-land, but to my mind it offers one of the best price-performance ratios out there,” commented Joyce. “Designed specifically for fixed installations, it offers a great range of targeted, high-quality products at a very attractive price point. In fact, combined with Crest amplifiers, we sourced our entire audio system from Peavey, including processing! The only exception was the console because we wanted a digital console, and Crest doesn’t do one yet. All the rest came from the Peavey stable, and it sounds excellent.”