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Peavey MediaMatrix announces new DSP platform

NION nE is a DSP platform "in the tradition of the legacy NION products" designed for cost-efficiency and mid-market applications.

NION nE is a DSP platform “in the tradition of the legacy NION products” designed for cost-efficiency and mid-market applications. The NION nE will support up to 32 channels of analogue audio, and up to 64 channels of AES digital audio via four Nio card slots in the NION nE frame. It uses the same Nio cards as a standard NION frame, so users get the same selection and variety of input and output options, including the new Nio-AEC echo cancellation card.

Fully compatible with existing NION devices, the NION nE is also able to accept CobraNet or Dante digital audio transport network cards, which are optional.

“We are thrilled with the prospect of bringing the depth and flexibility of nWare to the broadest scope of the contracting market,” said Kevin Ivey, general manager of Peavey Commercial Audio. “The new NION nE provides all of the core capabilities of the NION platform at a new lower price point, opening the capabilities of the NION and nWare to a new and larger range of consultants and contractors.”

“The NION nE is built on the same foundation as the venerable NION n6 and n3,” commented Charles Anderson, engineering supervisor for MediaMatrix. “Designers and contractors can expect the same high-quality audio performance, and the same complement of DSP power and capability. The idea behind the new NION nE is simple; keep all of the horsepower of the NION engine, fully support the capabilities of nWare, but reduce the cost to make the MediaMatrix processing and distribution system available to the middle market segment.”