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Paradigm AV gesture control serves up Happy Meal experience in McDonald’s UK outlets

Integrated marketing agency The Marketing Store partnered with Paradigm AV to deliver the new Happy Meal Digital Play concept, which has been rolled out in key McDonalds UK outlets.

As part of the company’s commitment to being a family-friendly restaurant, McDonald’s has introduced digital play elements into more than 150 of its key restaurants — using gesture-control technology from Paradigm AV.

The American fast-food giant wanted to enhance the Happy Meal experience to increase kids’ interaction with their favourite Happy Meal characters.

Integrated marketing agency The Marketing Store was enlisted to deliver the solution, with Bedford-based Paradigm AV also called in to support the project.

By using the Paradigm AV’s advance gesture-controlled technology, The Marketing Store was able to create and develop the Happy Meal Digital Play concept – a series of unique, movement-activated, interactive floor media games, linked to each Happy Meal promotion.

The gesture-controlled principle is based on overhead tracking cameras and infra-red emitters, projecting straight onto the tiled floor. This creates an immersive environment with which the clientele can engage. The software consists of a standard library of scenes along with the custom effects created by The Marketing Store.

“The beauty of this solution is that it is low maintenance and remotely managed,” said Paradigm AV sales director, Mick Perrone. “It can be reprogrammed offline, so that new campaigns can be uploaded as they come along — and the system automatically powers up and switches off in accordance with trading hours.”

Summing up, a spokesperson for McDonald’s UK said, “The restaurant re-imaging programme, and the testing of new design and technology innovations, is all about creating an eating-out experience that is fun, entertaining and a treat for every member

Paradigm first began working with McDonald’s UK in 2010, trialling ceiling mounted projectors to create this digital floor play, with the content, projected onto the floor — purpose-designed to the promotions by The Marketing Store.