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Paradigm AV deploys Calibre UK scalers for concept metro train

Paradigm AV teamed up with CBS Outdoor to provide a projection solution for the new concept metro train exhibition at The Crystal building in London.

Display expert Paradigm AV has deployed Calibre UK HQView320 scalers for a concept metro train exhibition at The Crystal Building at London’s Royal Docks.

The Siemens Inspiro concept metro train, which is titled ‘Going Underground: Our journey to the future’ exhibition’, arrived as a collaboration between building owner Siemens, the London Transport Museum and CBS Outdoor UK.

The projection showcase, which takes its place among other urban infrastructures of the future in the £30million building, is intended to inspire visitors wishing to personally experience and catch an insight into the future of metro style transportation and energy saving innovations.

Working for CBS Outdoor UK, Paradigm AV managed the full audiovisual installation, including the warping of images.

“A focus of the exhibition is to engage and inform audiences using technologies that help travellers find their way more easily such as electronic ticketing developments, passenger information systems and station management solutions,” explained Greg Jeffreys, Paradigm AV founder.

The full-size mock up of the Siemens Inspiro uses cross track projection to deliver moving video messages and advertisements that are digitally projected onto the wall opposite the station pedestrian platform.

Adding to its realism, Paradigm AV integrated Calibre UK HQView320 image scalers with NEC PH1400U projectors.

“We are using four-sided soft-edge blend, flexible geometry correction functions and full warp mapping of the HQView320s which enable a projected image to be warped onto the Paradigm curved screen and frame,” added Jeffreys.

Projection is also used to simulate a moving train from its interior by projecting digital images onto a curved surface outside of the train. For this, Paradigm AV specified two Panasonic PT-RZ470 projectors with standard lens and two Calibre HQView320’s for warping of images.