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Paradigm AV and Digital Vision AV’s “ingenious” projection solution

Following a tender process involving three submissions, Digital Vision AV was enlisted to devise a solution that saw it working with Paradigm AV. Based around a ceiling-mounted projector and Paradigm mirror assembly, the solution revolves around a 1.1m First Surface Mirror Foil, tilted at an angle of 11_. The beam from a 5,000 ANSI lumens overhead Sanyo LCD projector, fitted with a short-throw lens, is folded off the mirror to create a “crystal sharp image” onto the 4m x 3m back wall, which has been specially treated with GOO Systems projection screen paint.

The resulting installation will be used to project DVDs and scenic images for theatrical performances.

In addition, Digital Vision has specified and installed a sound system and AV control system which enables staff to be able to switch PC RGB data, composite and S-Video feeds from DVD and VHS players, as well as sound sources delivered to the projector.

“There was such a big demand for a system like this and I’m pleased that I was able to present the case to the PTA [Parent-Teacher Association] and get the funding,” said the school’s head of IT, David Thorpe. “The new set-up has been fantastically well received and has ticked all our boxes. The parents love it and the art department loves it because they no longer have to worry about painting our backdrops. In fact, it’s one of the best purchases I have made and it’s used every day.”