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Out Board software braving Niagara’s Fury

“It made the howling wind feel much more real and as if you were a part of it,” commented 1602Group’s Duncan Crundwell about the company’s first introduction to TiMax. “The moving effects were very smooth and you could pinpoint the water droplets as they splashed around you.”

Sound plays a vital role in the attraction, not least because visitors are plunged into darkness at certain periods during the show. The exact positioning of the sound effects is critical for the audience to visualise a waterfall, an icy wind, an avalanche and other natural phenomena.

The TiMax ImageMaker8 matrix receives eight playback sources and feeds them to six channels of JBL surround speakers – one overhead and five positioned around the room – as well as JBL subs and additional custom subwoofers capable of reproducing 140dB from 0-30Hz. TiMax handles a variety of sound effects using continuously varying Haas effect delays to create a compelling aural experience for the 100 visitors inside the attraction at any one time.

Other products in the Out Board range include the TiMax SoundTablet sound effects playback and editing package, the SAVANT PAT and Cable Test Systems, and the recently introduced LV-Series Low Voltage Controllers and DV-Series Direct Controllers.