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Open air night spot Halikarnas revamps lighting with SGM LEDs

A new SGM LED lighting solution has been installed at the Halikarnas, Bodrum, Turkey. 18 XC-5 RGB devices were fitted as part a system comprising lasers and other special effects.

Open air entertainment venue Halikarnas, which overlooks the Aegean Sea in Bordum, Turkey, had its lighting revamped over the summer with SGM’s new generation LEDs.

Lighting consultancy firm Arch Lite was responsible for specifying the system, with its team headed by Matthew Button and Trent O’Connor.

Andy Graves, of Turkish-based SGM supplier LEDsistem, installed 18 of SGM’s innovative XC-5 RGB strobes among the lasers and special effects that animate the luxurious multi-zone venue.

Button, who headed the stage lighting design, stated: “In terms of power, this [the SGM] fixture not only outperforms a standard strobe with colour scroller, but is also better qualified to operate outdoors.”

O’Connor, who ran the project, commented: “SGM strobes were on the inventory from the start; having had wide experience working with different products, we both really liked these XC-5’s.

“As an outdoor venue on the seafront we knew that conventional colour scrollers wouldn’t survive the atmospherics and hazards of working on a beach, whereas LED fixtures are perfect for exterior use because you never have to worry about them failing. At the end of the season they are simply packed up and put away.”

The strobes overcome the limitations (and power-hunger) of traditional xenon, while each XC5 is equipped with 1,080 RGB LED’s, power consumption is 360W and the LED source life a near endless 50,000 hours.